Trail Info

If you take a look at the drop-down menu, you’ll notice that there are several pages of information regarding the trail.

Trail Map: This is a general map of the entire trail as it currently stands.  The map is a few years old, yet still accurate as the trail really hasn’t changed much, aside from the new park construction at the Yager lane entrance.  You can click the map and zoom in to see the scope of the entire neighborhood!

Trail Hotspots: This page is not yet ready, but it will feature nice places to check out along the different areas of the trail.

Plant Gallery: This page features a nice gallery of pictures that show off a lot of the plant life around the park.  Hopefully we’ll update it as more plant life comes and goes!

Wildlife: This page can give you general information of the small amount of wildlife that you may find if you’re lucky enough.  Soon this page will feature pictures of the animals as they are found and documented.

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