New Park Map

This is a map that represents what the park in development should look like when it is finished.  To see a full version, click the image.


This is a draft version of the map. We want to make it look nice, but we’ve gotten quite a few emails and phone calls asking what the park will look like, so we put this up for the time being. Let us know what you think!

6 comments on “New Park Map”

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  2. linda jones Reply

    The map looks great!! Thanks for creating this and putting it here. The park is going to be fabulous!!

  3. alice Reply

    The web site looks great! I like the changes and what you have added. I am working on a poster board for the KAB banquet and would like a picture of the park image to include. But, I can not see the park image you posted. What do I need to do?


  4. Rachel Hilton Reply

    Today is 4-24-2014. I was biking on this cloudy, cool and beautiful day when I decided to take a “sneak peek” at the park. There was a small crew working on the finishing touches. The man there told me that it’ll open in fifteen days. AAAhhhhh!!! I can’t wait. Guys, it looks fabulous. The playscape, the swings, the picnic tables, the water fountain, the benches, the landscaping and the trails are wonderful. This is so much better than I thought it would be. I just hope that nobody decides to destroy it. That would be so sad.

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