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Austin Parks Long-range Planning Participation Opportunities Planning for future of our Austin parks begins now. Consider participating. “The Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) is embarking upon a long-range planning effort to guide the development and growth of Austin’s park system. The theme of this Long Range Plan is Our Parks, Our Future 2018-2028. The Austin Parks and Recreation Department will reach

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Thank you! It’s My Park Day Fall 2018

Great job! at the Blakeney Pond Project picking up trash and removing johnson grass and other invasive plants from our wildflower areas at Blakeney pond. The Mulch Madness project at the Trotwood and Byers trail entrance also did awesome-there is a Copperfield Trails facebook page with pictures and video of that project. We finished up

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Donate to Friends of Copperfield Nature Trails

Support Copperfield Preserve Click on the title of this post and use the link “Support Copperfield Preserve” to make a donation to our Friends of Copperfield Nature Trail account managed by the Austin Parks Foundation. Thank you! Support Copperfield Preserve

Volunteer Days Planned for 2018

January 13, 2018 March 3, 2018 April 14, 2018,Keep Austin Beautiful Clean Sweep. November 3, 2018, a Saturday, It’s My Park Day Fall Register or We have 2 projects: Mulching at Trotwood and Byers Trail entrances and then our usual Blakeney pond/trail trash project. The Mulching project will meet at the Trotwood Trail entrance at

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Cleaning up website bugs!

Over time, websites generate bugs and errors that need to be fixed. One notable example that we recently discovered is that the Contact Us page isn’t working properly. Over the next few days, you might notice some downtime on the website as we go around fixing a few of the issues around the site. Additionally,

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A Story of Steps at Byers Trail Entrance

Volunteers improved the entrance trail at Byers Lane on Monday March 6 by improving steps on the steep trail, including a stone step at the bottom. Their efforts to make Copperfield Nature Trail even better are much appreciated.

Film Maker using Blakeney pond as location

Joey, an Art Institute film maker, records ambiance sound at Blakeney pond on a sunny day in January as part of the finishing touches on his senior project titled “Curse of the Deadwolf”. Scenes shot earlier at Blakeney pond are an important part of the project about a metal musician having a rough day.