Austin Parks Long-range Planning Participation Opportunities

Planning for future of our Austin parks begins now. Consider participating.

“The Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) is embarking upon a long-range planning effort to guide the development and growth of Austin’s park system. The theme of this Long Range Plan is Our Parks, Our Future 2018-2028.

The Austin Parks and Recreation Department will reach its centennial in 2028 and the planning effort will focus efforts on the vision for Austin’s Park System in 2028. PARD’s Long Range Plan (LRP) for Land, Facilities, and Programs (LRP) is developed every 10 years and provides a blueprint to guide land acquisition, capital improvements, and the development of programs and new amenities.

The City of Austin wants to hear from you. Throughout the process there will be multiple opportunities to share your thoughts on how you want Austin Parks to look in 10 years.” - accessed 11/6/2018


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