Thank you! It’s My Park Day Fall 2018

Great job! at the Blakeney Pond Project picking up trash and removing johnson grass and other invasive plants from our wildflower areas at Blakeney pond. The Mulch Madness project at the Trotwood and Byers trail entrance also did awesome-there is a Copperfield Trails facebook page with pictures and video of that project. We finished up mulching Byers trail on Sunday so both those entrances are looking much better with erosion covered and easier to walk the trail. Thank you to all that volunteered on IMPD Fall 2018 and all that pick up trash on a regular basis along the trail. Our next work days are planned for the Saturday before MLK Day in Jan 2019, 1st Saturday in March 2019 It’s My Park Day Spring, and Keep Austin Beautiful Day in April 2019. Thanks you to Austin Parks Foundation for making It’s My Park Day happen. Happy Hiking!

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