• It's Animal Baby Season!

    It's that time again! The birds are nesting, and a lot of animals are raising kids, kittens, kits, and cubs. If you find a baby animal, it doesn't necessarily mean it needs to be rescued! Take a look at our guide to learn what you should do if you stumble across a baby or injured animal!
  • June 4 Cleanup!

    The next workday is coming up! June 4th is National Trails Day, and Friends of Copperfield Nature Trails are participating! We'd love if you'd register and come on out to help! Thanks!

June 4th – National Trails Day!

National Trails Day is coming up on June 4th. We'd love it if you come on out, and we'd love if you RSVP! You can do so at this link!

Found Wildlife?

Have you found an abandoned animal? Before you pick it up, make sure it's actually abandoned! You can read up about our local wildlife here!

Neighborhood Services

We have a page where you can list or sign up for local neighborhood services. The list is short, but we're always looking for more listings! Check out the list of Offered Services.